Finest Mediterrenean Cuisine

About Azi Grill

Mazen Nadour has been in the culinary world since he was a young man working for his father in Homs, Syria. He comes from a long line of chefs dating back to his great-great-grandfather, all of whom perfected the craft and then passed down their recipes to the current generation.

With great pride Mazen opened some of the best shawarma and falafel restaurants in all of Syria. He enjoyed much success until the war struck and wreaked havoc over the land. Out of work and his home destroyed, Mazen chose to move to the United States, bringing his family and his recipes with him. He then began working at the Santa Cruz Market and Beverage Company in Ventura where he learned the English language while also learning to prepare some classic American food: the pastrami, reuben, and hamburger sandwiches to name a few.

Now Mazen is ready to embark on his next challenge as he announces the opening the opening of his Azi Grill, a Mediterranean restaurant that offers healthy, delicious food including shawarma, falafel, and kabob. Paired with Mazen's signature hummus and salad, these plates provide an ample but affordable meal. In addition to the traditional Mediterranean food, the Azi Grill will also offer some American classics that will create a safe corner for those feeling a bit reluctant to dive headlong into a different culture full of both history and flavor.